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Mexico trip summer of 1970

Created on: 05/10/13 04:32 PM Views: 2326 Replies: 3
Mexico trip summer of 1970
Posted Friday, May 10, 2013 04:32 PM

Many soph/jr Spanish students of Alyce Kobs went to Mexico City for 10 days.  We paid $247 for flights, hotels, tours and food! (those were the days).  Towards the very end of our trip some local merchant told us we could take switchblades back into the U.S. if they were no wider than than the palm of our hands.  Then we found out that was probably not true and there were about a dozen of us who had purchased them and we didn't like the idea of giving them up so we thought if the most innocent looking person would smuggle ALL of them in their suitcase.  Well that innocent looking person was Don Keigher. 

I believe we landed in El Paso or San Antonio for customs and when Don came up to the custom agent and was asked if he"had any illegal contraband" he broke out into that angelic, shit-eating grin and we knew we were in trouble. Don gets pulled aside and they start rummaging through his suitcase and "wella" they find about a DOZEN SWITCHBLADES.  I thought for sure he was going to prison!  I believe he had to pay a fine - I'm hoping we all paid our share.  To top it off, poor Don was always airsick and I remember his head in a barf bag coming and going on the flights.

                                                                                                                     Nick Drzycimski 


RE: Mexico trip summer of 1970
Posted Saturday, May 18, 2013 04:11 PM

I do remember that trip.

I hought you were a dentist and not an accountant/historian in regard to that $247 air fare/hotel/meal complete package?.

I do remember getting that beautiful fringe leather jacket for like $20 that I wore later as THE director Of Willy and Wally.  Kept wearing it forever until about 10 years ago and something happened that none of you care about.

I also vividly remember the intorduction to tequila and wandering down a stair well in the hotel one night  after someone on crutches decided they wanted to beat the crap out of someone... crutches mostly gone... "victim" survived.

We even played some pick-up BB..,  with the locals.. where was Hogan?

I was too scared to jump off the 10 meter? board into the pool.  Believe it was Jenkins and Gardner that had no fear...  did overcome  that phobia later in life.

RE: Mexico trip summer of 1970
Posted Sunday, May 19, 2013 09:58 PM

Hey Chris,

    That fight broke out in front of the elevators as all of us were in a room singing  Kim bi ya . A couple hotel staff took on some uninvited doped up gringos and took the guys crutches and splintered them over his head.  I remember all of us peaking out the door.  I also distinctly remember putting a mirror to Smittys face to see if he was still breathing after a run in with that same ol tequila.  See you at the reunion!  Nick


RE: Mexico trip summer of 1970
Posted Thursday, August 1, 2013 12:09 AM

Thanks a lot Nick.... I've been hoping all this these years that everyone thought I was just hyperventilating in that bag... :) But yeah, that was quite the trip. As far as the fine, I think you paid - The fine was $15 if I remember correctly. For several years after that, I feared that my name was put on some kind of government list of persons trying to smuggle weapons into the country. and that it may keep me from getting a good job. It it were to happen today, I would most likely be put on a "possible terrorist' list and not allowed to board a plane again. But yes, I remember that day quite well. Before they checked my bag, I remember looking over and seeing all of you guys standing about 20 ft away... looking at me with very serious faces - true friends you were :) 

That was just the beginning of a day from hell for me. As soon as we took off, I started feeling sick and by the time we landed in Houston - I think that was the city... and why we landed there I do not know... I was lying in the bathroom on the floor! When the announcement to return to our seats for landing was made, I seriously could not get up I was so sick. The stewardess kept knocking on the door demanding that I return to my seat and buckle up, but there was no way. When we did land, I pulled myself together and when I opened the door, she was there waiting for me. She called me a 'fool' and told me that I could have been killed! (I didn't care for her)

I did a little bit better on the final leg of the flight to Des Moines. I remember that I was sitting next to Joy Peters (a girl from Senior High that had joined us on the trip for some reason). I thought she was really hot and had been trying to impress her the whole we were in Mexico. I remember she had beautiful blue eyes - the St Edmond girls were telling me that she was wearing colored contacts...but I think they were real - but anyway, I was sitting next to her and Karen Crimmins Stucky. About 1 mile out from landing in Des Moines all hell broke loose in my stomach and this time the stewardess would not let me back to the bathroom - they told me to use the 'bag' in the back of the seat- how humiliating!! Joy and Karen had to walk past me to get off the plane, as I was in the aisle seat and was too weak to get up when it was time to get off the plane. Joy did not say anything to me as she maneuvered past my crumpled body - not then nor would she have anything to do with me in the future. But Karen was so kind! I remember that as she went past me, with my face still in the bag ‘hyperventilating’, she asked if I was going to be OK (Karen, I have always remember those kind words). You're a great person.

But I would make the trip again... lot's a good memories while we were down there. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion - P.S. I will be driving to Fort Dodge - not flying :) Don